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3D Modelling

Greene King Bottling Hall

ABM Ltd has the capability of producing 3D CAD based models of existing and proposed works, this has proven to be a very cost effective way of identifying and resolving any potential problems which may occur prior to any construction phase beginning. Using the latest laser scanning methods we are able to create these models within a small timescale with extremely high accuracy.

During the development process of the models, The current 3D models can be issued for review to any person or customer in a standard format which can be easily navigated and viewed by any user with a standard PC using free downloadable viewing software.

Viewing the models at this stage allows problems to be foreseen such as accessibility of plant items for maintenance purposes, or how large items such as tanks will be able to be fitted in the first place.

Using these 3D models detailed installation arrangement drawings and material lists can be easily produced as and when required.

When the final model is complete it can be issued in the same format but also containing hyperlinks which could be linked to the appropriate data sheet for any items which are clicked on while navigating the model, This could also include any maintenance instructions/wiring diagrams etc. All this information is built into the 3D model.

Wadworth Brewhouse

In addition to producing 3D CAD models during the design and development phases, we can also utilise the models to create easy to understand fly-throughs and animations of any equipment maintenance procedures or construction sequences etc.

The two example fly-throughs on this page are just two low resolutions of example projects we have been able to enhance with use of 3D models, For more details on this or higher quality examples please contact us via the contact us page.