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Since the Company's formation in 1986 ABM have been working successfully within the industry with all of the leading Brewing Companies.

With experience from Malt Delivery through to Final Package, ABM are capable of delivering Project Solutions from Malt Intake through the Brewery to the various Packaging Departments including Bottling, Canning, Cask and Kegging Lines.

The range of work carried out by ABM's experienced personnel extends from Concept and Feasibility Studies through to the Design, Installation and Commissioning of the completed Project.

ABM also have a proven track record of Upgrading and Improving existing plant control systems with the minimum of plant downtime.

Our independence from particular suppliers allows us to offer impartial advice with regard to all types of equipment which may be required as part of the project.

With the recent upsearch in Micro Breweries ABM is well placed to be able to offer our services to these customers. Whether it's a fairly large scale full automated 40 barrel microbrewery like the recently completeted Hydes Brewery called "The Beer Studio", or a more manual small scale micro brewery such as the Big Bog Brewery in Snowdonia where we installed a fermentation monitoring and control system.

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