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Supervisory Control System at Whitebull Water Treatment Works for NorthWest Water. (1st September 2001)

Here ABM Ltd installed a FIX32 SCADA workstation and SLC PLCs to provide Supervisory Control for the normal operation, backwashing and cleaning of 12 Membrane Skids to provide treated upto 55 mega litres per day.

Additional Facilities installed on this project include

  • Control of Duty / Standby / Assist operation of pumps,
  • utomatic sequencing of Membrane Cleaning and Backwashing
  • osing of Chemicals and Lime using flow pacing techniques,
  • riple Validation of Chlorine and pH on final water supply
  • larm information at both SCADA and LOI levels
  • eports and Trended data of Motor Usage, Flows and Energy Consumption.

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