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Diageo African Spirit Blending Plant (2nd January 2013)

Diageo Dublin approached ABM requesting the possibility of developing a shipping container housed spirit blending system to be used to push Diageo's strategic growth plan in the African spirit market.
The traditional cost of setting up new manufacturing facilities could be reduced by producing an easily deployable manufacturing solution.
This containerised solution could be readily relocated as business needs changed and would be less than 50% of the cost of traditional plant.

Put simply, the system would need to be able to produce recipe based high quality, spirit products from locally sourced neutral spirit, utilising standard proven technology.

ABM were commissioned to provide a feasibility study, quickly followed by a full detailed design complete with 3D Virtual Model of the blending production unit.
The design footprint grew from 2 containers to 5 as the requirement changed to include a PET bottle blow moulding facility along with bottle filling and packaging.
The timescale for this complete detailed design was 9 weeks.

During the initial feasibility study, ABM found a specialist manufacturer able to fabricate a taller container to sufficiently meet the process requirements as encountered challenges to fit the necessary equipment into a standard shipping container.
ABM involved Diageo's specialist risk assessors to fully understand and eliminate the explosion risks associated working with 96% ABV spirit alcohol and minimise the project cost implications when working to Atex explosion requirements.

Diageo have now ordered 3 units, to be shipped to Ghana, Nigeria & Mozambique.

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