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ABM Ltd. Awarded Hydes Cask Ale Brewery Project (1st January 2012)

ABM has recently been awarded the complete turnkey project of installing and commissioning the new Hydes Brewing facility.

This new facility will be far more efficient than the existing plant and will focus exclusively on the production of high quality beers targeted at the growing cask ale sector.
This will include Hydres popular favourites such as Hydres Original and Manchester's finiest as well as a diverse range of seasonal and themed craft ales.

This new automation system will fully automate all of the components within the new brewery including the items detailed below.

  • Water Handling
  • Dry Good Handling and Milling
  • Mashing and Runoff
  • Wort Boiling, Whirling and Wort Cooling
  • Fermentation Control System
  • Racking
  • Effluent Management
  • Cleaning In Place throughout the brewery

This new facility is due to start being brought online late in 2012

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