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No project is too small for ABM (1st February 2010)

ABM help out the award winning Coach House Brewery Company.

This award winning micro brewery which is run by the Coach House Brewing Company, recently had a serious problem when it's automatic cleaning system stopped working.

The system which was based on a Texas Instruments 520c Programmable Logic Controller(PLC), was found to have a serious processor problem which would require a new PLC.

This particular model of PLC had not been manufactured for quite a while and support was not really available any more.
So ABM took on the challenge of finding a replacement system which could be implemented at low cost and on a quick timescale.
The ideal solution would be a brand new PLC solution with modern hardware which was up to date and supportable.

ABM Chose to implement a solution based on a Crouzet Millenium 3 PLC, These processors are extremently economical for small scale systems and it was deemed ideal for this project.

At the same time ABM had the challenge of re implementing the panel mimic display to work with the new system.

Within one week ABM had the cleaning system programmed, and within two weeks the system was implemented and was fully working with all the appropriate electrical panel modifications done in house by ABM electrical engineers.

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