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Press Release - Increasing Finished Milk Capacity with ABM Limited (26th January 2006)

Following on from a series of projects for several major Dairies nationwide ABM Ltd are able to offer complete turnkey Project Management solutions including Design, Supply, Installation and Commissioning of automated systems to help cut costs and improve efficiency, control of production and reduce production down time.

The project described below required the following changes to be implemented with no loss of production and against a tight schedule:

  • Planned expansion and easier maintenance of the dairy required the installation of an additional PLC Control System to provide separate Raw Milk and Finished Milk control systems.
  • Control of the new FMT facility and integration into the existing CIP system.
  • Location of Four 55,000 Litre silos onto a new Mezzanine structure.
  • Integration of a newer Double seat process philosophy into the existing FMT single seat process and Labrynth cleaning system.
  • Reduction of Waste
  • Design, Supply and Installation of a new suite of Control Panels
  • Mechanical and Electrical Installation
  • CDM and Health & Safety documentation.
  • Commissioning, Documentation and Training.

The project was completed on time, ready for the pre Christmas peak demand, and a smooth start up in the new year was also achieved much to the delight of all at the dairy and ABM.

Since 1986 ABM has developed a number of innovative control systems, including:

  • Clean In Place (CIP) and other hygiene systems
  • Yeast management and fermentation control and monitoring systems
  • Multi Stream Blending Systems
  • Pasteurisation control systems
  • Water Management Systems
  • Utilities Control and Monitoring
  • Tank farm and storage control systems
  • Chemical dosing and process control systems

Furthermore ABM has the expertise to work with and develop all well-known plc and control software platforms.

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