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New Kirkstall Brewery Now Fully Automatic (7th June 2017)

As part of the rapidly expanding Leeds Kirkstall Brewery, ABM were commissioned to automate fully the new Brewery and Cleaning system.

An Allen Bradley compact logix PLC processor is used to automatically control all the brewing process and a low cost Scada implementation was put in place.The system allows the operator to configure recipes easily so new custom brews and recipes can be made at short notice.

As part of the installation ABM designed and built several MCC Panels and installed multiple distribued Festo solenoid blocks around the site to allow easier maintenance and reduced wiring, The system also interfaces with several external devices to allow the system to control everything including grain intake and boiler control.

The brewing plant itself consists of a Mash conversion vessel, Lauter Tun, Kettle, Whirlpool, Hopnick and Paraflow, All fully controlled.

There are also 10 FV's which are controlled by the PLC and Scada which allows the operator to view a complete graph of the fermentation process and how the fermentation is currently progressing, also allowing a controlled coolback when the fermentation has completed. All the information is then archived for future retrieval.

Hot Liquor tank and Cold Liquor tanks are also fully controlled, Allowing the Hot liquor used in the brewing process to be returned and recycled into the Hot Liquor tank for re-use.
The scada system is a low cost design , yet features full High definition graphics and advanced maintenance functions and fault diagnosis.

The operator display has a simple to use colour coded display which immediately allows them to see any prompts or events which may occur or need responding to.

A full cleaning in place system is also available at all times to allow cleaning to follow on immediately after brewing has been completed.

Features within the new system include

  • The project involved the following
  • Fully automatic brewing from Grain to Fermentation
  • Control System Design/Installation
  • Allen Bradley Compact Logix PLC
  • Touch screen based high definition Graphics
  • Remote Access and Diagnostic Support
  • Low Cost Scada System and Licensing
  • Fully Remote viewable graphics from Tablet and PC
  • Complete Fermentation control system with graphing and archiving
  • Fully automatic cleaning via new CIP system

Since commissioning brewing has been non stop in the rapidly expanding Kirkstall Brewery, with multiple new products being designed and released onto the market.

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