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Marston's New Yeast Plant (14th August 2015)

ABM has successfully completed an expansion of the yeast handling plant at Marston's Bank's Park Brewery in Wolverhampton.

Marston's took over production of most of Thwaites beers after the closure of Thwaites main brewery, and needed to have extra yeast storage capacity for the Thwaites yeast strains.

ABM were approached to help complete the project and suggested some minor mechanical design changes along with a new PLC Control Panel and associated software.

Marston's required the new Thwaites Yeast System to be integrated into the site extensive existing FactoryTalk View Scada system.

The system controls the skimming, storage and pH adjustment prior to pitching the yeast into the flow of cooled wort coming from the brewhouse, interfacing with some legacy PLC equipment to ensure an accurate amount of yeast is pitched into the wort flow.

The project involved the following

  • Process Pipework Modification Design
  • Control System Design / Installation
  • Communication with legacy Allen Bradley PLC5s
  • Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC with integration into Existing Factory Talk View Scada
  • All Panel/Field Wiring Design/Installation
  • Commissioning

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