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Big Bog Brand New Micro Brewery (28th April 2016)

As part of the expansion of the Big Bog Brewing Company and the opening of a second larger micro brewery the company commissioned ABM to provide a full automated fermentation control system.

Along with the FV automation ABM also provided a new control panel allowing manual control of the heaters during Mashing and Sparging and all appropriate electrical wiring.

The new brewery is the result of growing demand for their popular award winning ales which will allow them to bring beers to a wider audience.

With the automated fermentation control system helping to provide a consistent and repeatable high quality product.
Since opening the new brewery a few weeks ago the Big Bog Brewing Company has already released a brand new pale ale named Blonde Bach.

Based on our newly developed software we are able to provide a reliable fermentation control system for any number of tanks at a low cost.

The system is fully configurable for an unlimited number of brew qualities and provides the brewer/operator with a real time plot of the actual temperature against the target temperature.

Also a manually entered gravity plot is displayed against the target gravity plot required.

This allows the brewer to easily gain an idea of when the brew is likely to have finished fermenting.

The software allows the brewer to provide a cooling slope which can be enabled at any time including a time in the future when the brewer may not be on site, The system will then automatically cool the tank down based on the required cooling slope ready for racking.

The number of temperature slopes used during fermentation is configurable as is the names of the points of the fermentations, This allows you to fully configure the system to match your known terminology.

All the brew graphs are archived when completed allowing for future referencing easily and quickly along with any remarks or comments made on particular brews.

If you would like further information on the system or how we could customise it for you please contact us directly.

The project involved the following

  • Remote Access and Diagnostic Support via Internet
  • Low Cost Startup
  • Full HD Graphics
  • Full Archiving of Fermentation Profiles
  • Easily Expandable

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