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Diageo's Cubes Complete (11th April 2014)

ABM have successfully completed the installation of the first two Cubes for Diageo in Ghana and Nigeria.
The innovative containerised spirit blending and packaging plant is expected to be a roaring success and help overcome the logistical hurdle and to tap in to the local spirits market.

Each Cube was manufactured at ABM in Widnes, with the Diageo's African workforce visiting the UK for extensive training on operation and maintenance prior to each Cube being split into its 5 separate containers for transportation to Africa.
Extensive production runs were performed successfully prior to shipping, minimising costly overseas commissioning time for Diageo.

Installation overseas was achieved in 2 weeks for each Cube, with product ready for market.
ABM's installation team are now all ready to commission the 3rd Cube for Diageo Mozambique in May this year.

Initial feedback from Africa indicates that product quality and sales are excellent and they are already looking to increase production beyond the anticipated requirement.

A Diageo Cube can be installed where only the services of electricity and water are available on site.

Features of this Project

  • Initial Feasibility Study and 3D Virtual Model Design
  • Process/Services Pipework Design/Installation
  • Control System Design/Installation
  • Full in house build, Commission, Product Manufacture, Factory Acceptance Tests
  • Client Operation and Maintenance Training
  • Overseas Installation & Commission
  • Remote Operation and Diagnostic Support via the Internet

Lifting Container into Place

Containers in Place

Spirit Blending Area

Packaging Area

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