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ABB Solution Provider

ABB is currently the leading supplier of Distributed Control Systems and as one of the few ABB Channel Partners we are ideally placed to support or develop any ABB based projects which you may have.

Being a partner allows us full access to ABB training to keep up to date with the latest ABB products and innovations. We also have access to specialist training and know-how direct from ABB and so can ensure In-Depth service and support.

We can develop your project with some of the following ABB process control solutions

  • System 800xA , This is a scalable extended automation system.
    Ideal for process and production control, safety, and production monitoring.
  • Freelance 800F, A compact distributed control system suitable for small to medium size applications.
  • Compact Products 800, This is a complete range of PLC products for low cost basic automation solutions.

We are also less than 15 minutes away from ABB headquarters which makes us ideally situated for any direct communications which may be required to complete your project, ensuring no delays will occur in completing any project.